NIFTY FIFTY: A quick writing challenge



I love words, and I tend to use a lot of them. But I notice that in some of the works I read, I tend to gloss over large paragraphs of description. About fifty words is all my brain can take, so I tried the following exercise. It was kind of fun. Give it a try:

Write a short scene describing where you are right now. Pay attention to the senses and really put us there.

You only have fifty words, so make each one count!

Paste your response in the comments section or link to your post so we can enjoy it.

Heres mine:

Lying in bed, the morning breeze wafts through an open window. Birds communicate with cryptic chirps and tweets and peeps. Suddenly, silence. The meowing of two cats on opposite sides of the yard brings this quiet. The two felines stare at each other, tails twitching, haunches crouched. And then, attack!

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