Līgo Haībun Challenge: Five. More. Days.


For details on the Ligo Haibun Challenge, visit the website here. This week’s challenge topics were the sun or childhood memories of summer camps. I chose the latter. Here goes:

Hot. So hot. The heat feels like a wet wool blanket, heavy and scratchy, oppressive and all-encompassing. She can hardly breathe the air. It’s thick as liquid, the oxygen so so so slowly diffusing through lung tissue and into her blood stream, she feels dizzy from the hypoxia. Sonorous snoozing sounds drift about, and she wonders: How can anyone sleep in this airless cabin?

An errant fly lands on her nose. She contemplates swatting at it, but that might generate more heat. She wriggles her face, huffs hot breath from her mouth, but still, the stubborn insect stays, and she wonders: How can hair-thin legs tickle so?

She succumbs and shoos the pesky varmint. But that doesn’t dissuade it—for not long after it’s lofted into the air, it’s landed back on her thigh. Her slick, sweating thigh.  The fly sits there, doing fly things, and she wonders: Was there ever so stubborn a creature?

To this question, she has an answer: Yes, her mother. You’ll have fun. You’ll make friends. You’ll learn stuff. Those words float back to her on ceaseless currents of irony, as she counts the minutes until sunrise and the next caliginous day begins.

And on this second long, hot, sleepless night with snoring and insects and questions with circular answers if any at all, she wonders: How long can this week last?

 the summer camp blues
heat, insects, petty cat fights
someone take her home

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18 thoughts on “Līgo Haībun Challenge: Five. More. Days.

  1. I love it! Indeed, the true vision of summer camp! Your well written words, carrying one back to very similar memories. A very good haibun and your closing haiku illustrates in full the summer camp experience! 🙂

  2. Homesickness sets in first, then it’s “poop-itis,” by the 4th day, you’re pooped out! I’ve seen it all as camp director for 20 years. Out love ’em, out last ’em😊 I hope you had more positive camp memories, that didn’t make it in this entry.

    • I never enjoyed girl scout camp much, but I think it was my age more than anything. I do have a wonderful memory of going to Indian Princess camp with my dad when I was 8 or 9. We went canoeing for the first time, and when we got home, Dad bought a canoe so we could do it again. I hadn’t thought of that in such a long time, but your comment just brought it to the surface. What a great memory for Father’s Day. Thanks!

  3. You’ve brought it out very well; the ever-present insects and the catfights:) They may learn to tolerate the heat and even insects if there is a level of camaraderie between them

  4. Your “petty cat fights” reminded me of hearing cat fights at my uncle’s house before. It happened in the middle of the night during my school days studying

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  6. I love how you turned it around to your mother. That made me laugh. Great atmosphere. I was sweating by the end of it. Really nice. And I love the haiku.

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