Sentence by Sentence: Week Two

sentencebysentenceWEBWe had a good start last week. Let’s see if we can do it again!

Let’s write a story together. I know we’re all busy, and sometimes there are just too many writing prompts and too little time. So let’s build a story brick by brick, or rather, sentence by sentence. Just post a sentence in the comments section and then we’ll build on it, well, not to belabor the phrase, but we’ll build on it sentence by sentence. I’ll collect a week’s worth of sentences, and then post the final story next Saturday. Then we’ll start all over again. Let the writing begin!


When she heard his voice on the telephone that morning, she nearly got sick, for she’d been sure he was dead.

7 thoughts on “Sentence by Sentence: Week Two

  1. She couldn’t understand how her perfect plan could have gone so badly wrong – with her characteristically meticulous method she had plotted every last detail and when it came to it she had done everything right… or so she had thought.

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