Sentence by Sentence: Story #1

I made the mistake of reblogging the original post to increase some participation. I accomplished that, but I also managed to have two posts, both with responses! I hope I got everyone included and in the correct order. I’ll not make that mistake again! Thanks so much to all who participated. I didn’t write the story myself, so I consider this a big success! And without further ado . . .


It was the strangest thing he had ever seen, and he had seen a lot. After having traveled through a dozen galaxies, touching the boundless infinities; it could well be said that he was the most learned person in cosmic travel on the entire planet of Yevuhub. He was thus an expert in the most strangest of things, like the clothed multitudinous creatures on the now-dead planet with an inconsequential name in one of the spiral galaxies; but the thing that had startled him was beyond any meaning, so far-fetched that even his imagination couldn’t fathom its presence.

He had pointy ears and sharp little fangs, but it didn’t bear them exactly; it almost seemed to smile at us. We’ve both known what needed to be done but we kept on procrastinating until today.

He looked at me and said, “Get the gun,” but I couldn’t answer him; I couldn’t even more.

His face snap-changed from the confident conviction I knew so well, to something harder, more bitter – and he looked me in the eyes as though he could feel my hesitation like a tangible millstone around my neck, as he said, “If you are not with me, you are my enemy.” I feared him more than respected him at that moment, and fear being a powerful motivator, I retrieved the gun from the kit, handed it to him, and waited.

I knew why it had to be done, but I couldn’t help thinking about the Minister’s family – everyone knew about his daughter, nine years old and in a wheelchair; despite his being opposed to our cause, he loved his family, and I was no longer sure he should be taken away from them.

I couldn’t stay here, so I walked as fast I could until I heard the sickening BANG, at which point I had to stop and wipe tears from my eyes.

2 thoughts on “Sentence by Sentence: Story #1

  1. Very sorry, I didn’t realize there was a different beginning. My contributions don’t make much sense with that. I thought it started with AH’s sentence about procrastination…

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