Trifextra Challenge: Summer


Summer, to us, is both complicated and uncomplicated. Intricate travel itineraries and kicked-off sandals with sand still clinging to the soles. Carefree cloud-gazing days spent lying beside one body of water or another and big money spent on childcare and amusement parks. It means leaving home or coming home. This weekend we’re asking you to describe summer in your own words. Thirty-three of them exactly, of course. Good luck!

beach antique

Photo by Matt Bump.

Sand tickles our toes.

Waves tease our knees.

But don’t be afraid little brother.

I’ve forgotten all the arguments of fall, winter, and spring.

Hold my hand. I’ve got you now.

Let’s play.

30 thoughts on “Trifextra Challenge: Summer

  1. ah, this is exactly how I remember my summers with my siblings. All was forgotten in the heat and expanse along the Jersey shore.

    what a beautiful piece.

  2. I loved this-I thought it was very touching-and it’s timely for me too. I have a family reunion to go to next week, complete with siblings. Thankfully, its going to be held at the beach;)

  3. I love it so much whenever I see either of my girls looking out for the other. As much as they may bicker and sqwack at times, the love shows up in tender little acts of compassion and kindness that always make me smile and always take my breath away. 🙂 So glad you wrote his poem.

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