For 24 hours now, the National Weather Service has been predicting severe weather for Virginia. I got up early this morning to take some pictures of the sky before the show. Not too ominous or exciting. But you know what they say about pink skies at morning . . .  sailors take warning.


Pink skies emerge over ankle-high corn rows.

But after I got ready for work, and stepped out on my front porch again, the sky’s transformation amazed me, and I took the forecaster’s predictions a little more seriously.

clouds front porch

Dark clouds gather over my neighborhood; it’s going to rain.

clouds back deck

The clouds display such textures, I feel like I could reach out and touch their softness. But I suspect these clouds are not so gentle.

As I crossed Afton Mountain, the rain hit the windshield with such force, the drops slapping the windshield drowned out NPR’s Morning Edition and hurt my ears. Then the rain stopped for a brief span, and I stopped and took some pictures from Rockfish Gap. The sky seemed to bellow out at me, and I felt I could scoop away some of the angrier tufts with just the sweep of my hand. Then it started to rain, and I slipped into the car and let the clouds do what they may.

rockfish gap clouds

The view from the mountain.

Be careful everyone, wherever you are. Mother Nature’s in a mood.

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