Monday’s Good Laugh


Yesterday Melissa told me about a conundrum her friend had posted on Facebook. He detailed how his daughter had developed the socially-unacceptable habit of licking her own armpits in public. This feat of flexibility aside, he felt he needed to put a stop to the daily exercise. He queried his friends about a solution to the problem. After posting the dilemma, he realized he had left out an important detail, and so his own comment was the first:

“By the way, she’s 3-and-a-half years old.”

It makes a lot more sense now. Let’s hope she outgrows it.

What’s a funny (or totally gross) habit a child you know has, about which you will have the thrilling opportunity to tease him or her mercilessly in the teenage years? Maybe you can even bring it up in a wedding toast. Please share!

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