A Rainy Virginia Day: A Photo Essay by Olivia

oliviaMy daughter Olivia has asked that I post some of her photos from today’s torrential rains and their aftermath. With flash flood warnings and tornado watches, the Shenandoah Valley got a share of spring’s tempestuous weather. But Olivia, thoughtful girl that she is, captured the beauty of this wet day in Weyers Cave, Virginia. All photos by Olivia Girard.

houses and clouds

Clouds part for a brief moment, and sunshine bathes the neighborhood with late afternoon light. But we don’t let down our guards for even a minute; the tornado watch remains in effect until 10 PM.


Shiny, wet deck. It looks slippery.


Raindrops cling to spring leaves, desperate to keep from being absorbed into the ground below. They long to see the light, too.


Like heavy morning dew, fresh rain coats the grass.

rain on leave

Weeds bask in the non-discriminating, late-spring rain. Everyone gets a drink.

Thank you, Olivia!

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