A Photo Prompt: You CAN find something good at McDonald’s!

It’s time for another day trip, and we are on our way to Washington, DC, to see my best friend Melissa and her family.

(For more about this precious friendship and this amazing woman, read this post about both: https://seriouslywritingwoman.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/a-portrait-of-grace-and-friendship/).

At the half-way point between Weyers Cave, Virginia, and our nation’s capital, we stop at McDonald’s for some headache-reducing coffee. I put down the window, and I’m immediately met with the ambrosial fragrance of honeysuckle. The perfume enters our van on a cool, gentle morning breeze. Dancing demurely in the same breeze are three dainty pale pink flowers. When I look at one up close, nature’s starburst looks back. I grab my camera.


Dainty flowers peak out from between the slats of an old wooden fence that runs along the drive-thru lane at the McDonald’s in Front Royal, Virginia.


A starburst of symmetry surprises me with its simplistic beauty. Nature can astonish you just about anywhere if you keep your eyes open–even at McDonald’s.

Have you been surprised by a beautiful facet of Mother nature in an unexpected place? Share!

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