Why do you write?

I am reblogging one of my own posts. Blasphemy, probably. But Natalie Amatera answered the survey questions, and I just really wanted to share her lovely answers without their being buried dozens of posts down. Thanks Natalie, for taking the time to share! Anyone else who wants to explain why they do this crazy thing we call writing, please share!

a seriously writing woman

I am in the process of applying to an on-line novel writing certificate program at Stanford University (https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/writingcertificate). Part of the application process includes, naturally, writing a personal statement. But part of the exercise includes discussing how and why you write. It made me think seriously about why I do this (besides a special mix of self-love and masochism), how (sometimes against my will), and when (at 4:43 AM right now of all times).  I hope to hear from other writers about why they engage in this often arduous endurance sport called writing.


Who are you besides a writer, and how does that influence your writing life?

What are your writing strengths? Weaknesses?

What are you working on now? How’s it going?

When and how do you work best?

What are your writing tools? A computer? A legal pad and a pencil?…

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One thought on “Why do you write?

    Name: Natalie Amatera

    Website: http://natalieamatera.wordpress.com

    What makes you write?: Who are you besides a writer, and how does that influence your writing life?
    I am a bit of an oddity. I’ve always been a bookworm – I learnt to read when I was two, and haven’t stopped since! I love words, adore the English language, and frequently bemuse others with long words…
    I am 21 but feel older in my head.
    I suppose others might call me religious – that is a word I tend to shy away from. I have very strong beliefs. Yes, that’s better. But I don’t believe in blind faith. I ask questions. A lot. All the time. About everything. And asking questions helps me to write, I think. When you’re not afraid to ask, you lose the fear of telling, too. (Ps, you will never find my beliefs on my blog. I keep that for fiction, odd thoughts, and insights into the madness of my life.)

    What are your writing strengths? Weaknesses?
    Not being boastful here, but I excel at dialogue. I love working with conversations. I used to struggle with description, but I am slowly overcoming that.

    What are you working on now? How’s it going?
    At the moment I am writing, among myriad other things, two period romances. They are sister books, which is why I’m writing them together. They are going very well! I’m perilously close to finishing the first one. The second has a long way to go.
    I am really enjoying them. Although I write in and experiment with all sorts of genres, historical romance is what I do best and enjoy the most.

    When and how do you work best?
    Ha ha. You are kidding, right? I work best WHEN left alone and HOW I like…

    What are your writing tools? A computer? A legal pad and a pencil? A journal and favorite pen? An iPhone?
    Pretty much all of the above. Whatever comes to hand, really. I have been known to scribble on a serviette before now.
    I do have an ancient laptop named Evesham, who patiently bears all my work, new, old, and forgotten! I like writing with pen and paper too. And if I’m out and about and That Scene I’ve been after for ages suddenly pops into my head, out comes the smartphone….

    What is the best writing book you’ve read lately?
    It’s not exactly a How-To, but one of my absolute favourite books in this sort of line is The Secret Life of Words, by Henry Hitchings. Actually, it’s not a How-To at all. I just love it.

    In what writing communities have you participated?
    So far, only the one – http://www.trifectawriting.com.
    Love it!

    What is your main goal in writing? Self reflection? Instruction? Enlightenment? Motivation? Fame and fortune?
    Er… It’s not really that deep! Entertainment, mostly. Is that heresy? Ok, well, I’ll throw in a little self-expression as well. If it makes you feel better.

    If you could talk to one writer, living or deceased, who would it be, and what would be the one question you would like to ask him or her?
    Charles Dickens. ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO EDWIN DROOD?’

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