What’s on YOUR Camera? A Photo Essay.

Months ago, we lost the cord that connected Hannah’s digital camera to the computer, thus awarding a life sentence with the possibility for parole to photos imprisoned there. Today, the parole board convened, I got a new cord, and the pictures were set free. (Don’t get me started on why on earth it took me five months to purchase a $15 cord.)

Here’s a sampling of the wonderful stuff  trapped there until this lovely little accessory set fifty photos free. My talented daughter gets the credit for all these.

the photographer

The principle photographer, Hannah.

eiffel tower

A wooden replica of the Eiffel Tower, built by Robbie and Max, soars a full two feet into the blue Virginia sky.


Glitter. I just like the composition of this one. Hannah’s a budding photo journalist.


A vibrant, pink wildflower blinds the camera lens with its brilliance.

Do you have a cool photo on your camera right now that’s just begging to be shared? Link to this post and let us have a looksie!

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