Sentence by Sentence: A Collaborative Writing Challenge


Let’s write a story together. I know we’re all busy, and sometimes there are just too many writing prompts and too little time. So let’s build a story brick by brick, or rather, sentence by sentence. The first lucky writer gets to start the ball rolling with any sentence he or she likes. Just post a sentence in the comments section and then we’ll just build on it, well, not to belabor the phrase, but we’ll build on it sentence by sentence. I’ll collect a week’s worth of sentences, and then post the final story next Saturday, when, if successful, we’ll start all over again. I’m crossing my fingers for some writing collaboration. I’m lonely!

12 thoughts on “Sentence by Sentence: A Collaborative Writing Challenge

  1. After having traveled through a dozen galaxies, touching the boundless infinities; it could well be said that he was the most learned person in cosmic travel on the entire planet of Yevuhub. He was thus an expert in the most strangest of things, like the clothed multitudinous creatures on the now-dead planet with an inconsequential name in one of the spiral galaxies; but the thing that had startled him was beyond any meaning, so far-fetched that even his imagination couldn’t fathom its presence.

    /* I added two lines; hope that is alright */


    His face snap-changed from the confident conviction I knew so well, to something harder, more bitter – and he looked me in the eyes as though he could feel my hesitation like a tangible millstone around my neck, as he said, “If you are not with me, you are my enemy.”

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