Never ever. Do you hear me? NEVER! (the tricky DAILY POST’S tricky daily prompt)

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.




I thought I could never write about spiders, that is until I wrote a letter to myself from one here.  (Yeah, I admit I wrote that, not Charlotte.) But anyway, that pretty much eliminated the one thing I never thought I could ever write about.

Save for one terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad thing.

But I’m onto you, Daily Post! If you get me to write a post about what I will never write about, you get me to write about it! Tricky work, Daily Post. I’m not sure of your angle, but I’m not falling for it!

I won’t do it. And you can’t make me.

Promise me gold . . .
Nope. Not going to write about it

Promise me diamonds . . .
Thinking about it and . . . no, not gonna do it.

Promise me fame and fortune.
Really? Well . . . are we talking a contract, piecework or . . .? Wait, I get it. I see what you’re up to, and I have my standards, and I won’t be tricked, so the answer is still and will forever be NO.

You may have fooled some Daily Post readers, but not this one. This  girl wasn’t born yesterday, and you’ll have to try harder get me to fall for your shenanigans!

So you want to know the one thing I’ll never write about?


(Evil laugh.)

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5 thoughts on “Never ever. Do you hear me? NEVER! (the tricky DAILY POST’S tricky daily prompt)

  1. I mentioned the word “spider” in my story once. I don’t think that really counts, though. I will never write about sex or intense gore. Those are crossed off my list. And spiders. I hate those things.

    • I tried to make myself like them by writing myself a letter from one, but I ended up just freaking myself out. I posted it as a writing prompt to encourage us get over our phobias, but it didn’t work. I am the worst arachnophobe in the world. Incurable.

      • It’s funny, cause last night I had a nightmare where my apartment was infested by overly large spiders, and then I ran into your post about spiders. I would probably just freak myself out too if I tried to write about them. Spiders are just nasty.

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