A blast from the past. A glimpse of the future.


Time doesn’t just fly, like a robin catching a wind current on a warm summer day. It goes at light speed, especially when you have children. A friend once told me that when you’re a parent, the days may be long, but the years fly by. Looking at some photos of my kids from a few years ago, I know now she was right.

As my girls morph into teenagers, sometimes the days can seem really long. They’re fantastic children, and I know this is part of the deal in order for them to become amazing women, but sometimes I wish I could fast-forward to the time when we’ll be best buddies again. But then I look at these pictures, and I know that life and childhood in particular are too short to wish away one second. I hate to think of what I’d miss.

My son, who is only five, was the surprise this family didn’t know it needed. I don’t know what we laughed about before he came along. As he sits beside me know, watching Power Rangers while I nurse myself through a nasty cold, I know that he changes faster than anyone right now. I look at his baby pictures, which I feel I just took yesterday, and I hug him tightly, knowing that in too brief a time, he will morph into a man, even as I look forward to meeting that man.

I love my kids. They are all gifts I didn’t know I needed. And they give to me every day. Seriously.


Christmas Eve, 2007. Maxwell, just 12 days old, is not happy with the hat, but sisters Olivia, left, and Hannah, right, take it in stride and smile for our Christmas portrait.


Spring 2008. Getting ready to go out for an honor roll dinner. (Notice the gold stickers.) Olivia just found out we’re getting ice cream, too.


My two pups, Dexter on the left and Maxwell. Guess who chewed the keys?


Now teenagers, I keep this photo around to remind me that these girls were once best friends, and in a few years, they probably will be again.


Hannah reads Maxwell a book. All three kids are now avid readers. Books are our friends.


Get down, Olivia. She’s going to kill me if she ever sees this picture.


A summer evening in the back yard.

Do you have a blast from the past that makes you misty-eyed? Please share!

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