A WEEK-LONG WRITING CHALLENGE: A unique form of writing per day keeps the writer’s block away.(Guest bloggers welcome!)

I’m probably going to regret this, but I hypothesize that a unique form of writing per day keeps the writer’s block away. Maybe.


I’m almost more afraid of writer’s block than I am of spiders. I said almost. I’ve really enjoyed writing lately, and it seems to be coming fairly easily. Maybe too easily. That scares me.

Last night, it struck me that some kind of challenge, one that pushes me to step outside my normal genre comfort zones, might be didactic and invigorating. And while working on my Goodreads book list, I realized that I tend to read, and therefore write, the same stuff. So it’s time to explore something beyond straight expository fiction, and venture into territory I haven’t traversed since college. So I’m going to experiment in a new form every day this week. I’ve made a list of forms I’d like to try, but this list is definitely subject to change, and time is relative, so I won’t be sticking to any strict deadlines. Especially since it’s Sunday night on the East Coast of the U.S., while in Thailand, it’s early Monday morning. I think. Anyway, here are my tentative categories:


Soliloquy SUNDAY–take the stage, and give me a speech.

Murder Me MONDAY–kill me with something in the crime genre.

Try-a-Limerick TUESDAY–inspired by NPR’s Wait wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!

One-Act WEDNESDAY–try some drama for your mamma.

Humor-me-it’s-almost-the-weekend THURSDAY–just make it funny.

Flash-Fiction FRIDAY–a complete story in 50 words or less. The fewer words, the better.

Satire SATURDAY–be bitingly funny, and make a statement while you’re at it.

Would you like to explore some different forms of writing with me? Would you like to have a guest blog spot here to showcase your wit and talent? (Yes family, I’m talking to you.)

I admit, I’m beginning to second guess this plan even as I type it. Maybe I won’t hit publish.

But I probably will.

But seriously, how hard can it be? It’s all writing, right?

Stop laughing. Please.

Onward now.

I plan to tailor each post something like this:

1. definition of the assignment

2. favorite example or link thereto

3. personal sample, probably on the order of 1,000 words or less. (Unless it’s flash fiction, of course.)

I challenge all serious and non-serious writers to give it a try or let me know how I’m doing or offer an alternative daily assignment or guest blog or just read along.

Just don’t laugh. Please.


5 thoughts on “A WEEK-LONG WRITING CHALLENGE: A unique form of writing per day keeps the writer’s block away.(Guest bloggers welcome!)

  1. This sounds like an interesting challenge. I don’t often leave my little genre niche (mostly because I think I’d suck at the other stuff) but a week of trying out different genres sounds fun.

    • Please do! I’ll be putting up some more details about Sunday’s challenge tonight, and I’ll do more direction for each day to come. If you can do it all in one piece, I can’t wait to see it!! Thanks for stopping by

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