the DAILY POST weekly photo challenge: THE SIGN SAYS . . .

Share a picture of a SIGN and explain why you chose that picture!

radiant way DP

The American Heritage Dictionary lists four definitions for the word “radiant.” If just one pertains to me, especially definition #4, I’m living the life I have dreamed. Take a look:


1. Emitting heat or light: a radiant star.
2. Consisting of or emitted as radiation: radiant heat.
3. Filled with light shining especially as rays; brightly shining: a radiant morning.
4. a. Showing or expressing vitality or joy: radiant eyes; a radiant smile. b. Splendid; glorious: radiant beauty; a radiant future.*

I snapped this picture on Route 231 in Orange County, Virginia.

For many years I have travelled from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Orange, Virginia. Off of Orange Road (Route 231), there is a little community one could easily blow past that has always managed to capture my imagination: Radiant, Virginia. I was a teenager when I first noticed the sign denoting this  patch of real estate in Virginia, and no matter what my mood on those many trips, I couldn’t help but smile as I drove through Radiant. It’s a word that, to me, exudes happiness, optimism, joy, energy.

Someday I will live there. For now, I’ll just enjoy the sign that reminds me of how and where I want to live.

Live life radiantly in Radiant. Seriously.

*(The Editors of the American Heritage Dictionary (2011-11-01). The Essential American Heritage Dictionary (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language) (Kindle Locations 230972-230981). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.)

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