Inspire Me

Such a great rundown of amazing work. If you were trying to inspire me, you just did.

Mattafton's Blog

A call to arms for those whispering to themselves
Your only friend doesn’t have your interest at heart
You can’t be your own best friend kid; you’ll tear yourself apart

Did you ever laugh so hard pain came to your sides?
Did you ever see that movie where the dude abides?
I read this book once; Yossarian was a pilot and a riot
Ever wait until your impulse subsides?

Did you ever hear Blood on the Tracks?
Did you ever argue with budding lilacs?
I listened once; Zimmerman was him, never dim
Ever been on the wrong side of contracts?

Did you ever see The Great Dictator?
Charlie made me cry, such splendor
Did you ever try to unwind but it wouldn’t unbind?
Ever hear Love Me Tender?

There are songs in my ears,
Movies in my head,
The Walrus was Paul, Rosebud his sled
But I can’t understand how…

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