My daily walk on a vibrant Virginia morning. A photo essay.

After waking up unexpectedly at 4 AM, and then having the unusual misfortune of being unable to fall back asleep, I rose and went for a very early walk. Sometimes the universe manipulates you into seeing exactly what you need to get your day off to the right start. I just wish the universe would adjust its alarm clock.

I explored the countryside that sidles up to my little neighborhood. Mother nature had on her best today. Here’s a sampling of what she and the universe thought the world should see.

tall grass

Fields slumber before the sun emerges from the eastern horizon.

on the road

The road stretches out before me, treetops forming a canopy to protect me from the sun’s bright rays.


As I emerge from the trees’ protection, the sun erupts from over the hills, setting the sky ablaze.

field and fog

Fog slowly evaporates off a grassy field. Cows enjoy the dawn of the day.

blissful blue

Tiny blue petals glow big in the roadside grass.

the pond

Heading back to my neighborhood, I peak through the trees at a pond that reflects the day’s advance.

honey suckle

Honeysuckles fill the morning air with their sweet fragrance, an aroma of early spring.

I’ve found no views or vistas that compare to those of a Virginia morning in the late spring. Virginia is for lovers of all things beautiful. Have a great day.

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