Calling all Writers! (Prompt #4) It’s a photo prompt!

field at sunset

The sun sets, illuminating a stand of trees in Greene County, Virginia, with golden light. Tucked in the woods is an entryway to the meadow beyond. And beyond that, who knows? Maybe you do!

While Maxwell and I were on a day trip earlier in the week, we stood in a field, and I noticed a break in the trees that formed an archway that lead into the meadow beyond. It made me wonder who had gone through that nature-made entrance in the decades prior, maybe even centuries prior. Where were they going? What were they leaving? What did the meadow beyond promise?

TODAY’S PROMPT: Take a journey through this doorway that nature created with branches reaching out toward one another, embracing. Create a narrative of one person or a group of people who are going through this entryway. What’s on the other side? Was it what was expected? Give this picturesque scene a worthy story.

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