Come on! Doesn’t somebody want to play BALDERDASH?

I’m starting to feel like the lone kid in the sandbox, but maybe I actually am! Anyway, I’m having fun, so I’ll keep going. And I’m expanding my vocabulary of useless words!

Submit your definition as a comment and, if you like, use the word in a sentence, and I’ll post the actual definition in about a week. (I keep stretching that deadline!)



Of the Kingdom Animalia and Genus Longinus,  one of the world’s largest insects, native to Belgium, and resembling a stick.

When Maxwell saw the STICKIT on the sidewalk, slowing creeping toward him, he promptly screamed and ran into the house to get mommy.

2 thoughts on “Come on! Doesn’t somebody want to play BALDERDASH?

  1. AWWW! I’ll play! I’m following you now (not nearly as creepy and stalkerish as it sounds!) So when you do your next round of Balderdash, I’ll be informed, and will join in with much glee. It happens to be one of my favourite games. 🙂

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