Calling all poets! Even ones who don’t know it!

haiku graphic

Anyone who says skydivers are hooligans, well, they probably are or know a few skydivers. But anyone who says they are illiterate hooligans, has never been to Skydive Orange in Orange, Virginia ( In my earlier skydiving days (circa 1995-ish) we had a Haiku board at the airport, posted just beyond the bathroom, next to the snack machine. Throughout the day, gems representing this economy-of-words Japanese poetry form would show up on the board, proving that skydivers are more than just extremely good-looking daredevils. You gotta love ’em for their brains, too.

My friend and fellow skydiver Karen Glorioso McGirk has carried on the tradition with Haiku Wednesday, a way to keep creativity going strong, trumping the hump day blues. With her permission, I am shamelessly stealing this idea as a tribute to this concise and lovely form of poetry and to remember the good old days and the Haiku Board.

Feel free to post your own! It takes only a few seconds . . .


Wednesday on the job.
How shall I waste time today?
Yup, you’re reading it.

4 thoughts on “Calling all poets! Even ones who don’t know it!

  1. Steal away! I believe the Haiku dates back to at least the sixteenth century, so I’m pretty sure it’s a free agent by now! But post one here now and again, please!

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