Starlight Blues

My very talented brother, if I do say so myself.

Mattafton's Blog

Stars frown down at their reflections in the sea
Envious of the moon for his ability
To make waves

They all wish to fall from the heavens
Lose grip and slip
Into any of the many under water caves

They’re sick of the hawk-eyed view
Wish they had wings, wish they flew
Shining so white and bright yet feeling so blue

Stars frown down on the ocean
Their reflections gleam and make it seem
Like some forbidden beautiful potion

The moon smiles with content as he ushers the waves ashore
Loves his job with all his heart, it’s never a bore
The stars aim glaring eyes in his direction
He quarks his smile upon this detection

“Moon!” cries the stars, “ why can’t the ocean be ours?
We’re stuck behind these gravitational bars!”

Moon responds after an awkward pause
“I don’t know, just because
People make wishes on you everyday

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