Anything for you.

Photo on 5-28-13 at 7.53 AM #2

When you start the day to a smile like this, how can it be anything but great?

This morning, while doing some early writing on the couch, I asked my son to get my phone for me, so we could enjoy some music.

At my request, he said, “Anything for you.”

Seriously, where does he get this stuff? I don’t really care, because I love it. I love him.

Long after Daddy has departed for work, and the girls have trudged off to another day school, his is the last face I see before heading into the trenches of my own workday. He says things to me like, “Mommy, my heart is bigger than anyone’s in the whole world. I love you more than anything the in the whole world.” How can you possibly have a bad day with such love as this to see you off?

Today is one of those rare days, one of our favorites, one that I wish could be every day, except that might detract from the singularity of it: Mommy and Max Day. It’s a day where we get up early, eat homemade breakfast burritos, and take off on an adventure. No chores, no gotta do, or oughta do, just wanna do.

Today, we go and visit best bud Wekin (see post “My Little Gentlemen” for an ode to this special friendship), with time for Uncle Matt and other friends. But my favorite part will be the drive over the mountain, where we will engage in conversations of myriad topics.

Why do mountains go up? Can we stay a long time? Did you see that horse? Can we stay a long time? Why don’t cows run? Can we stay a long time? What does M-c-D-o-n-a-l-d-s spell? Can we stay a long time? Why does Iron Man have a mask? Can we stay a long time? Is that school my Kindergarten? Can we stay a long time?


And then I’ll take a deep breath, remember his words from this morning, the love, the wisdom, the starkly beautiful sincerity.

And I’ll say, “Anything for you.”


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