Anybody wanna play . . . BALDERDASH?


I’d like my blog to be a little bit interactive, and I love to hear from people all over the world, (and I’m really into making word graphics right now . . . ) so  I was toying with the idea of a word-of-the day trivia game, when I remembered my favorite game of all time (created by Laura Robinson and Paul Toyne and distributed by Mattel): Balderdash! If you’ve never played this hysterical game, stop reading now, and proceed directly to your local toy store and buy it. Seriously, do it now.

To continue, in this game, a word is read aloud, usually a word that is so ridiculous sounding, it’s hard to believe it’s a word, and each person writes down a definition. The goal of the game is not to get the right definition (although you get points if you do, in fact, know the definition), but rather, to fool people into choosing your totally made up, falsified definition. It is THE game of creative writers and English majors. And dorks like me.

So I thought it might be fun to pick a word, and see what the vast imaginations in the blogosphere create. E-mail your “definition” as well with the featured word in a sentence to One day later, I’ll post the “definitions” and THE definition (the real one). The definition, real or made up, that gets the most “likes” wins.

What does the lucky creative mind win? Haven’t quite figured that out yet. Bragging rights? Ideas are welcome. This is a democracy, of course! (Except I’m in charge.)

Anyway, let’s play!


5 thoughts on “Anybody wanna play . . . BALDERDASH?

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